Cast of Characters (5/25/08) and Family tree

The Golde family:

Frederick Sr. —–Frederick Jr.—–Frederick III—–Peter—–William, Robert.  

Frederick III married Beatrice and had Peter, named after Frederick’s brother, who died childless.  Frederick III had affair with Constance Albright and had Blanche.

Peter married Rose and had William & Robert and adopted Rose’s cousin’s son, Tom.  Peter had affair with Blanche and had Lucy.

William married to Julia Diamond and had David, Tracy, Marie, Jason and Mark.  William married Melanie Black.

Tom married Lucy secretly and had Lisa (Copperfield).

David has son with Stephanie Van Ness named Lucas.  David had affair with Lisa – Eileen.

Marie married to Dan Flint – has Jacob, Tristan, Rebecca


The Silverman family:

John married to Sylvia. Children: Paul, Michael, Ashley, Tara, Belle.


The Steele family:

Frank married to Carol. Children: Steve, Laura, Amanda.


The Black family:

Carl – was married to Melanie (now married to William) – had Leslie and Carrie.  Carl also known as Carl Redd and Charles Balloo.


The Sparks family:

Henry married to Yvonne and had Gavin, Claire and Emily.


The Copperfield family:

Richard married to Elaine. Son, Rick, married to Lisa – thought Eileen was his daughter.


The Diamond family:

Phillip, married to Barbara and had Julia (Golde).  Then married Violet and had Gerold.  Gerold married Sharon and had Alex.  Alex raised by Phillip after Gerold and Sharon died.


The Van Ness:

Gregory married to Margaret. Had Stephanie (now deceased) and Justin.



Dr. and Mrs. Shimmer of Brighton Hospital

Mr. Glaser – lawyer for hospital

Nurse Ruby Lutz – hospice nurse

Serena – a handicapped student of Tara’s

Kristin, Jenny, Denise – employees at Heavenly Manor Group Home

Rachel Beaumont – reporter for Brighton News

Cody Daze – Brighton police detective

Andrew Starr – police chief

Eddie Ute – Brighton police detective

Damian Stone – blackmailer

Chloe Purl – model, friend of Ashley’s

Jennnifer Weiss (marriage counselor), daughter Kimberly (medical resident) – friend of Amanda Steele

Buster Riley – crook, involved with Carl

Dr. Goodwill – child psychologist

Jim Gagne – cafe owner

Judge Kyle Wright – family court judge

Douglas Sinclair – previous attorney for Goldes

Mr. Stickle – child protection worker

Jensen – Golde butler

Clayton Thornsby – rival for Silver Moon Stables

Jerome Foley – Blanche’s attorney

Jeffrey Brasser – Golde, Inc attorney

Shikes/Schuster – in collusion with Riley and the Bandit

the Bandit – criminal

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