Episode 4

“Dad, I’ve hired on some new girls to help with mom’s care,” says Marie.  “It’s too much for any one person to do everything for her.”

“That’s a good idea, my dear,” says William.  “We’ll need more help at home and at the office.”

“It makes you realize how much we took for granted.”

“Yes, I wonder how we’ll get on without her.”

“Do you think we should call Tracy home?”

“Your mother doesn’t want her to know yet.”

“But she has to be told.  We can’t just keep something like this from her.”

“Your mother feels it would interfere with her work.”

“That’s ridiculous!  Tracy will be livid when she learns the truth.”


“Now, Mrs. Golde, you will be comfy in this big cushy chair,” says Leslie, as she helps Julia transfer to an armchair.

“And I’ve got a nice hot plate of turkey and mashed potatoes with gravy,” says Carrie.  “Smells delicious.”

“I don’t want anything right now,” says Julia.

“Oh, but Mrs. Golde, you must eat to keep up your strength,” says Carrie.  “I’ll feed you myself.”

“You two have been fussing me all morning.  I’d like to be left alone for a bit.  I’d like to rest this afternoon.”

“You can rest after you’ve had your lunch and we’ll get you changed, then back to bed.”

“I do not have enough energy for that.  I will just rest here.”

“But, Mrs. Golde–”

“Go, or I’ll call someone to show you out.”

Carrie picks up the tray and follows Leslie out.  As they walk down to the kitchen, the girls cross paths with Jason and Mark.

“Hi,” Leslie says, looking up at Jason with a flirtatious smile. 

“Hello,” says Jason, trying to be polite while Mark stifles a giggle behind him.  “Are you looking for the way to the kitchen?”

“Oh, we know our way around the house now,” says Leslie, giggling.

“That’s good.  Have a nice day,” Jason says, hurriedly moving off with Mark.

As soon as they are out of hearing, Mark laughs and says to his brother, “It looks like you’ve found yourself a new admirer.”

“No, thanks.  They’re both a bit too thick for my tastes.”


“I think our next issue of Glitter magazine ought to feature Julia Golde,” says John Silverman to his son.

“What would you like us to focus on?” Paul asks.

“We should do different features on her life.  Her childhood, her career in society, how she used her money to turn the Golde’s corner jewelry store into an international jewelry trade, her many philanthropic activities.  Also, we should present a human side to her.  Give the public a private view of her life.  With her permission of course.  We have known her too long to do anything that would offend or insult her.”

“We’ll need to pull out a lot of photos from our archives.”

“Choose the most flattering and run them by her.  This may be our last chance.  According to Sylvia, she may not have much longer.”


Episode 3

Dr. Amanda Steele is rushing out of Brighton Hospital when she collides into Michael Silverman, scattering some charts as well as his portfolio and papers.

“I’m so sorry,” she says as she tries to gather up her charts and help him with his papers.

He grabs his papers out of her hands.  “I’m all right,” he says abruptly.  “Please leave my papers alone.  I see you’re in a hurry, so you’d better get moving if you don’t want to be late.”

She straightens up, gives him a glare and turns away.  Michael moves on to the elevator while Amanda walks up to a waiting car outside the hospital.


Nurse Ruby Lutz and Amanda arrive at the Golde residence a few minutes later.  While Ruby is with Julia, Amanda waits in the sitting room, reviewing her chart.  David enters without knocking.

“Well, what a lovely surprise.”

Amanda looks up and David flashes one of his charming smiles.  However, Amanda is not amused.

“Hello, I’m Dr. Steele.  I will be Mrs. Golde’s new doctor.”

“And I’m David, her son.  It’s nice to know she will have such an attractive, young doctor.”

“As her doctor, I will have to insist that any relationships I have in this family must be of a professional nature.  Therefore, if you cannot treat me with formal courtesy and respect, I must ask you to leave.”

“Don’t worry, doctor.  Once you get to know David, you’ll understand that he cannot resist any woman.   Usually, he doesn’t mean much by it, but he’ll take what he can get.”

David glares at Jason, who is standing at the open doorway.  “I’ll thank you to stay out of my business.”

The door to Julia’s bedroom opens and Ruby sticks her head out.  “Mrs. Golde is ready to see you now, doctor.”


Meanwhile, Michael is meeting with the Brighton Hospital lawyers.

“You have quite an impressive resume, Mr. Silverman, given that you’ve only been in practice for a short period,” says Mr. Glaser.  “And your credentials are even better-known than you’d wish.  You realize that your godmother, Mrs. Golde, is a major benefactor of the hospital.”

“I had hoped that it would not have been a well-known fact.  However, I have always wanted to make my way in this world without help from my family or friends.  I do not wish to be considered for this position solely for my connections.”

“Oh, believe me, I would have hired you for your own merits.  But the connections make the decision so much easier.  You realize though that this is rather a lowly position for you.  You will have to start at the bottom.”

“Of course.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


Later, Amanda is walking down the front stairs of the Golde residence when Michael is admitted into the home.

They look at each other with surprise.  “Well, we meet again,” he says.

“Again, briefly,” she replied, walking out the door.

He smiles after her, then turns and goes up to Julia’s room.

“Julia, I have arrived,” he says, giving her a kiss.  “I am completely at your command.  How can I be of service?”

“My doctor was just here.  She said not to overexert myself.”

“So, that pretty, young thing was your doctor, huh?  What a tall order she has given you.”

“She seemed very intelligent to me.  I have complete confidence in her.  Just like I have for you.  I need you to advise me in some legal matters.  It needs to be strictly confidential.  No one must know unless absolutely necessary.”

Episode 2

“Hello, Dr. Shimmer,” says William Golde into the phone.  “Julia has opted to forego further chemotherapy and would like to enroll in Hospice.  That last course has really worn her out, and you know she has lost so much weight, her strength is not what it used to be.”

“I understand, Mr. Golde.  I will send the Hospice nurse out to see her today.  She has a promising young doctor with her this month, a Dr. Steele.”

“I will let Julia know to expect them.”


“Daddy!  When did you get home?” asks Leslie.  She and her sister Carrie rush into the house.

“I’ve only just arrived, my little plumpkins,” says Carl.  “My how you’ve both grown.  What have you been up to?  We have lots of catching up to do.”

“Carrie and I are following in Mama’s footsteps.  We’ve been practicing some new dance routines.  We’d make you proud.”

“And it’s good money, too,” says Carrie.

“Although they never seem to have any on hand,” says Melanie.

“Oh, mom.  You know we can’t perform in dingy clothes,” says Leslie.

“Well, it’s time my girls have nice clothes, and not just for dancing,” says Carl.

“What do you mean?” asks Carrie.  “How?”

“I mean it’s time for a change of career.”

“But we love dancing.  After all, that’s how mom met you,” says Leslie.

“Yes, but look at where she is now.  I want my girls to catch bigger fish.”


“I wonder what Amanda will say when she finds out we’ve bought the Brighton News,” says Frank Steele to his wife, Carol.

“Well, I hope she doesn’t feel we’re moving in to her personal space.  After all, she left Clearwater to be independent of us.”

“Yes, but she’s had four years and we hardly saw her during that time.”

“She never had much free time with all her studying.  And she never felt we approved of what she was doing.”

“Well, she’s not going to have much free time now either.  But I do want to see her…occasionally, at least.  She’s my baby.”

“We’ll need to tell her before it hits the news.”


“Hi, Julia.  How are you feeling today?” asks Sylvia Silverman.

Julia is propped up in bed, looking lethargic.

“Terrible.  At times, I wish I was already dead.”

“Do you hurt much?”

“Some, but I am so weak and fatigued. I have no energy to even eat.”

“I won’t stay long.  I don’t want to tire you out.”

“I’m glad you came.  I wanted to ask a favor of you, my best friend through thick and thin.  I want you to watch over my kids, keep them out of trouble.”

“Julia, your children are all grown up, young men and women with lives of their own.  They don’t wish to have an old woman like me tell them what to do.”

“You are not old.  Like me, you are only middle-aged.  You will be the new queen of society when I’m gone.  And I will be happy for you, wherever I am.  You deserve it after being in my shadow all these years.”

“I can never be like you, you know.”

“Perhaps not, but my children respect you.   I worry about their future and the future of the company.”

“Tracy is an extremely competent young woman and Marie is very smart.  Your boys just need some time to grow up right now.”

“Marie is very rash at times.  Her impulsiveness can get her into trouble.  Tracy is wonderful but she is so far away, handling our business overseas.”

“Perhaps, it’s time to call her home.”

“Not yet.  She would only worry about me.  We need her over there right now.  Hopefully, she will keep the business running after I’m gone.”

“She also has her father and uncles to help.”

“Hmm.  Men are so unreliable sometimes.”

“Are you still worrying yourself about William’s past lovers?”

“Not past.  Future.  What if he marries some little tramp who will try to take everything away?”

“Haven’t you made arrangements to prevent that?”

“Not really.  Never needed to.  But I don’t want William to think I don’t trust him.”

“Whether you trust him or not is not the issue.  If you want to protect your children’s best interests, you should make arrangements for them.”

“You’re right.  Can you send Michael to see me?”

“But Michael’s hardly experienced in these matters.”

“But Michael’s the only one I trust.”


“All That Glitters” Soap Opera Episode 1

Julia Golde is sitting in her drawing room, surrounded by four of her children.

“I don’t think I can take much more of the chemotherapy, ” she says.  “I feel so worn out after each course.”

“But, mom, the doctors are so hopeful about your progress,” says Marie, her second daughter.

“They’re only hopeful because I’m not dead yet, and they can still squeeze money out of us,” she replied.

“Let’s not talk about death right now.  It makes me uncomfortable,” says Mark, her youngest son.  “Besides, we have more than enough money to do everything we can for your recovery.”

“My dear Mark, your naivete can be so wonderfully refreshing at times, but right now, I wish to be realistic.”

“What do you mean?” asks David, the oldest son.

“I am thinking of stopping the chemotherapy and enrolling in the Hospice Program.  I don’t want to keep going in and out of the hospital.”

“You’re giving up?” interrupts Marie.

“No, not giving up.  Just acknowledging my fate.  We all die sometime, you know.  But I want to do it with dignity.  I don’t want to go out fighting for every last breath.  I want to be comfortable.”

“I think that is very admirable,” says Jason.

“What do you know about it?” asks David.  “You’re just waiting for her to die so you can get your money and run out of here.”

Jason jumps up to attack David, but Julia calls out, “Stop!  I know we have not been the most cohesive family over the years, but I will not have you fighting in front of me when I am dying.”

“Sorry,” says Jason to Julia.  Julia looks at Jason with sympathy because she knows he is her most level-headed son.

“I want you all to be more practical.  There will be no inheritance with my death.  It comes with your father’s.  All the money will go into a trust with your father as trustee and executor.  I only hope he will not betray my trust.”

“Mother, give him some credit.  You always accused him of cheating on you and we all knew that was never the case,” says David.

Julia is silent for a moment.  “In any case, he will probably be very relieved when I am gone, making him ripe for any golddigger to snatch up.”

“Mom, how can you say that?” asks Marie.  “You have been the anchor in this family.  You ran the business.  You ran society.  He has always relied on you.”

“Very true.  And I do not wish for this empire that I have built up to be suddenly taken away by some upstart who will catch your father’s eye when I am gone.”

“I promise you that I will do whatever it takes to keep that from happening,” says Jason.

“Yes,” agreed the others.


On the other side of town, Melanie Black is perusing the latest edition of Glitter magaine in her back room.

“Hello, gorgeous,” says Carl.

Melanie looks up.  “How did you get in?”

“I still have a key, remember?”

“Well, maybe, I should have my locks changed.”

“C’mon, baby.  Is that how to treat your long-lost and loving husband?”

“Why couldn’t you just stay long-lost?  What do you want this time?  I don’t have any money right now.”

“What do I want?  I want to make you happy.  I have a plan to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.  Aren’t you even interested?”

“Not really.  Every time you come back here you always drag me into more trouble.”

“This time it’s a sure shot.  Just listen.”


Later that day, David goes over to the Copperfield home.

“How are you feeling, Lisa?”

“I’m fine,” Lisa says stiffly.  “Is this to be a social visit?  Rick’s not home right now.”

“Good.  I wanted to see you,” he says, putting his arms around her.

She tries to push him away.  “This business has got to end now.  I am not going to hurt Rick anymore.”

“Hurt him?  Do you mean to tell me he knows of our affair?”

“No, and I do not intend for him to find out.  So please leave.”

David laughs.  “And what happens when our little bundle of joy arrives?” he says as he rubs her bulging abdomen.

“Get out!” 

All That Glitters

Welcome to “All That Glitters”, a new internet soap opera.  Episodes will be presented daily on weekdays, as you would find on TV soap operas.  Our setting is the town of Brighton located in the Northeast/New England area.  NYC and Boston are not too far away.  Characters will be introduced as the story unfolds.  The first episode will begin October 8, 2007.