Episode 116 All That Glitters internet soap opera: Amanda testifies, Blanche trails Melanie, Gavin is caught

“Dr. Steele, before the day of the murder, had you ever seen Mr. Stone?” asked Mr. Truitt, defense attorney.

Amanda took a breath before answering.  She knew she had to be careful.  “I did not recognize him,” she answered.

“How do you mean?” asked Mr. Truitt.

“I mean that I had seen him before, but did not realize he was the same person until later.”

“When did you see him before?”

“The night David Golde was shot,” Amanda responded.  “I saw him by his car.”

“What did he look like at that time?”

“I did not pay any particular attention.”

“Is it possible that you ‘did not pay any particular attention’ because Mr. Stone appeared nothing out of the ordinary?  That he behaved in a very normal way?”

Amanda hesitated.  “It’s possible.”

“Now on the day of Ms. Van Ness’ death, can you recall Mr. Stone’s appearance?”

“I was in a state of shock.”

“Come, Dr. Steele, you had enough wits about you to call for him to ‘Stop!’.  You testified that when he heard you, he came after you.  You were in possession of your mind and you had time to observe him.   As a doctor, you are trained to be observant, so you should be able to comment on his appearance.”

Amanda looked at the attorney warily.  “He was angry.”

“Angry?  Not wild?  Not uncontrollable?”

“Objection, your honor,” said Mrs. Starr, the district attorney.  “He is leading the witness.”

“I’ll withdraw.  But, Dr. Steele, you testified that Mr. Stone later attacked you.  This was a matter of at least half an hour after he apparently came after you in anger.  Do you not suppose that had he been merely angry, he would have cooled off and disappeared?  Why take a risk and attack you?  Does it not suggest a disturbed mind?”

“I cannot answer for that.  Different people react differently to anger.”

Mr. Truitt huffed and returned to his table.


“So, you’re back,” says Ashley.

“Hello, Ashley,” says Belle.  “I saw the reviews.  I’m sorry I missed your first public appearance.”

“Never mind that.  I’m curious to know where you stand with Nicholas.”

“What do you mean?” asks Belle.

“He said you had a fight and split up.  That’s why he came back without you.  Where did you guys go?  What did you fight about?  Is it over for good?”

“I don’t know, yet,” says Belle.  “I haven’t talked to him since I came back.”

“Well, let me know if it’s really splitsville, ‘cus I’m dying to get him to myself.”

“Excuse me?  You’re actually going to leave him alone if I want him?” asks Belle, incredulous.

“Did I say that?  I’m afraid you misunderstand, little sis.  I just use different tactics.”

“What about Gavin?”

“What about him?  I’ve never been a one-man woman.”


Blanche decides to take a lunch break when she sees Melanie leave the building.  She follows Melanie to the Hot Spot Cafe.  Blanche enters and seeing Mark, waves him aside.

“Why, Aunt Blanche, I’m glad someone in the family is showing an interest.”

“Shhh.  Did I just see Melanie come in?” Blanche asks.

“Melanie?  Why would she want to come here?  I was out back a moment ago, so I don’t know.  But, let me check.”

“Wait.  I know I saw her come in.  But I’m surprised she would want to show her face here, knowing you own it.”

“But she doesn’t know.  None of the family took any interest in what I was doing, so I didn’t give them any details.”

“Well, we shouldn’t scare her off, so make yourself scarce.  I’ll see what she’s up to.”

Blanche cautiously approaches the back of the cafe and slides into a booth.  Melanie is sitting with her back towards her and Blanche hunches down to keep below the level of the seat.

“I warned you to get out of town,” says Carl.

“I can’t do that right now,” says Melanie.  “William has promoted me to the board.”

“Sitting pretty arent’ you?  Well, plans have changed.  I have to get out of town and I’m not leaving without you.”

“That’s too bad,” says Melanie.  “I’m no longer married to you, so I don’t need to follow you.”

“You’d better think again.  Either way, loverboy’s going to suffer for this.”


Gavin reaches a fork in the road and decides to try the right fork.  From what he could see on the map, they would reach the same road, at different points, and he could always return the other way.  As he reached his road, a car speeds by him going back towards the highway.  He recognizes it as Ryan Loomis’ and decides to turn the other way.  He follows the road until he sees another little used road with fresh tire marks on it.  He turns and follows the tracks.  As he approaches the edge of a woods, he slows down and pulls over.  He decides to explore on foot.  In the middle of the woods, he sees a house that is being heavily guarded.  Seeing that he was outnumbered, he decides to return to the car.  But as he turns around, he sees a gun pointed at him.


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