New Year’s Resolution #1: Write!

For years I’ve dreamed of writing a book.  But so far it has only been a dream.  I’ve changed my mind frequently about what genre to write; I have story ideas forming in my mind but without writing them down they are soon lost; I have spent more time reading than writing; I have had one excuse after another for not finding time to write.  All in all, I start to doubt my abilities to write as well as my story ideas.

But now I am making a New Year’s resolution to start putting ideas down and just write.  With my busy schedule, I am unable to attend Writer’s Forums/Clubs at libraries, etc.  But I hope that by starting this blog, I may invite other writers and readers to give some constructive criticism and feedback.

I enjoy reading most fiction but my favorite is the mystery novel.  Although I have a select group of favorite authors, I cannot hope or even wish to emulate any of their styles of writing.  My goal at the moment is to write a book and hopefully the style will develop.  I have chosen to start with a mystery.  It may not be the easiest to write but is probably my best option.

Well, here’s to the New Year!

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